A note from Kevin Kirk: Producing this musical recording made me think of my fifth birthday. I'm not sure from where it came, but I received a certain mystical present. I truly didn't know what to think of it at first. It appeared to be no more than a tightly wound ball made out of a continuous strip of crêpe ribbon. As it naturally unfolded, however, I kept uncovering little treasures, hidden treats and surprises. Interestingly, the inescapable sequence of time involved in discovering each new delight sustained my overall appreciation. Process and my awareness of that process were part of the gift. Magic Song Food is about musings that were all balled-up and needed to come out. It's about creating music and sending it off to fly and live on its own. I hope that you can sense that, at the core, I love music. Music embodies and transcends the subjective obscurity of its sources. It is both magician and magic. It simultaneously shapes and escapes its seminal processes. To me, it?s always some kind of a mystical gift that should unfold naturally. I hope that you find joy in the process of uncovering continuous little treasures, hidden treats, and surprises.
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