Mud Mask 2 fl. oz.

Modern Research and Technology has proven that, through millions of years of building layers on layers of natural clay and through natural fermentation of marine life, a high amount of amino acids and proteins are present which are important for proper skin care and skin nourishment. For the moisturizing benefit in the treatment, we added seaweed (fucus vesiculosus L) and purified sea water. A 10 minute treatment with this supernatural product makes your skin look younger, feels refreshed and makes it glow with radiance. Tired lines are softened and relaxed. Blemished skin looks more smooth and elastic. If used for the body, you feel more vital and energetic. Also great as a hair/scalp mask for dry, flaky scalps. Application: At least once a week, or as often as you like, cleanse the face with # 816 BALANCING CLEANSER, and refresh with # 817 BALANCING REFRESHER. Apply the MUD MASK over the face. Rest for 15 minutes and use lukewarm water to remove the mud. Follow with the highly concentrated # 818 24 HOUR MOISTURIZER. The result will be energized, youthful, smooth, supple and vigorously healthy looking skin. Active Ingredients: Natural Clay, Sea Minerals, Sodium Alginate, Diatomite Celite, Kathon G.C.
Mud Mask 2 fl. oz.
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